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GEVERKA successfully manages residential, mixed and commercial properties in and around Berlin for more than 56 years. Real estate companies, property owners and many partners in our B2B network benefit from our professionalism and market experience, relying on our integrity and efficiency.

„More than fifty years of experience in the Berlin real estate sector: GEVERKA is your strong partner by your side.“

If you are considering having your property managed by ABCD in the future, just give us a call:(+4930) 31 990 0 or please use our special contact form for property owners. You will find further information about our company via following link: About GEVERKA.

If you have questions about your objects which are already managed by GEVERKA, you can simply visit the GEVERKA contact form for property owners. First you can visit our detailed FAQ for property owners.

You are welcome to contact GEVERKA by phone. You can reach our front office by calling (030) 31 990 0. The front office will forward you to your personal contact person. Of course you can also directly correspond to your personal contact person at GEVERKA by e-mail or telephone.

Full-service property management for property owners

GEVERKA offers property owners and real estate companies a full range of services. We have solutions for all types of real estate: residential, mixed and commercial property. Our expertise covers classical “A-to-Z” property management, up to special administration tasks as well as large-scale project management.

GEVERKA maintains regular communication with business partners: long-lasting relationships and many successfully managed objects prove that. We work sustainably for the prosperity of our business partners. An continuing internal and external exchange of knowledge supports these purposes.

„Property creates obligation: professional property management is our credo“

Following infographics show you an insight into our specialised fields, categorised into type of use, type of financing and type of client.

GEVERKA: What we do for property owner.

Our wide range of services for your real estate

Our cooperation with real estate owners is always characterized by professionalism and efficiency. On the other hand, as your executing real estate management partner, we are in direct contact with your tenants. For your tenants, we are available from Monday to Wednesday and on Friday. Of course we are open for appointments on weekend such as for visits of your rental apartments or your business premises.
Our real estate managers regularly visit the managed objects, so they always work with up-to-date information and can identify potential sources of problems at an early stage. Because we not only manage your real estate: we also handle your property with great care and in an economical way.

GEVERKA is always on site, to preserve your property values.

With your property you have decided on a long-term investment. We will gladly assist you in partnership and support you in all matters. We will be happy to assist you and support you in all matters. The following infographic will give you a brief overview of our various administrative services. Here is how we work for you as your property manager.

images of Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin

Commercial Property Management

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  • Tenant care and management; Contract negotiations and contract signing; Adjustment of contract conditions
  • Rental of non-leased residential and commercial units; Advertisements and acquisitions via Internet portals, housing exchanges, classic print media
  • Execution and supervision of rental accounting; Management of separate property and rental deposit accounts; Collecting and Monitoring of rental payments and other charges; Management of rent deposits
  • Debt collection and receivables management; If necessary, prosecution, application and court proceedings
  • Calculation of operating and heating costs and billing according to currently valid law; Processing of contradictions
  • Completing and monitoring of service and supply contracts
  • Monthly, quarterly or annually interim reports on revenue and expenditure, occupancy, account balances and cash flow

Technical Property Management

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  • Completing and monitoring of maintenance contracts for all technical equipment and facilities of your objects
  • Technical inspection and monitoring of operational equipment such as elevators and heating systems
  • Procurement for maintenance according to internal agreement and/or automatic commissioning in a contractually agreed budget
  • Controlling and supervision of craftworks, repairs or maintenance, modernization and restoration projects

Do you want to manage yourself or work with real professionals of GEVERKA?

Do you want to manage your real estate by yourself or work with real experts?

In real estate sector, internal factors as well as external factors are permanently influencing the process chains. Our well-connected teams always respond immediately by adequate action. You, as a business partner, become part of these process chains. Thus, you always have your right contact person by your side and you are up to date with the latest information.

Our experience is your advantage: we permanently optimize our processes. The experts of GEVERKA constantly ensure the further development, modernization and optimization of all process chains. Despite of necessarily repetitive tasks, we know from over fifty years of experience that real estate management often involves more complex process structures.
You will benefit from all learning progress in our business network. We will keep you up to date so you can invest your time in something new. We are happy to explain many more advantages in a personal conversation.

References and data protection

You would like to know more about our references and current objects managed by GEVERKA? Based on our initial correspondence, we can provide you anonymised information about comparable reference objects.

Feel free and just call us: You can reach via phone by dialling +49 30 31 990 0. Or you can click here for the contact form for property owner.

„Preserving discretion and building trust: Let GEVERKA manage it for you!“

Please understand that we will only can give you that information as part of a first offer. Of course you will not find any sensitive information about confidential data of our contractual partners. Just like you, we absolutely prefer discretion and trust.

FAQ - answers for owners

What types of real estate objects is the GEVERKA currently managing?

Currently GEVERKA manages pure residential objects and pure commercial properties as well as mixed objects, parking lots and a shopping arcade.

Is there a minimum size for real estate for GEVERKA to handle its administration?

No, every property object can be managed by GEVERKA. We are also happy to create administration offers for smaller properties. Because there is no minimum or maximum size for GEVERKA as a precondition, neither by units nor by size. At the moment the smallest object managed by us is exactly one rental unit.

So far, I have managed my real estate property on my own. Which tasks can I transfer to your property management company?

As a full-service provider in real estate management, GEVERKA normally handles all tasks related to the management of your property. However, you can only entrust us with specific subtasks. You can also decide to manage some tasks independently on your own or hand in hand with GEVERKA.

When is the very best moment for transferring the management to GEVERKA?

The very best moment for transferring the administration is the calendar change between the ending year and new beginning year (“New Years Eve”). Of course, the management can be also handed over in a running calendar year. However, in this case additional effort and follow-up costs can occur.

Do you also manage objects in publicly subsidized housing?

Yes, part of our portfolio consists of publicly subsidized housing. With the specifics of these programs, we know the best.

What documents and information do you provide to me?

As a real estate owner, you always have direct contact with your property administrator at ABCS. In addition, you will receive monthly and yearly accounting-compliant billing – including all payment transactions, account balances, outstanding invoices and other information.

I've been working well with my own partner companies for years, even with other property managers. I would like to continue to hire my partner companies.

We totally agree with you. If you have preferences, we will do it in your favor. If our experts are not satisfied with work of a companies, we would like to inform you in your interest. In cases of poor value for money, we would like to inform you too.

Does the GEVERKA manage all real estate objects that are offered to it?

No, of course GEVERKA always takes decision on the basis of every individual case. If there are reasons making it impossible to meet the requirements of the owners, we will tell you that instead of an offer. We rely on our experience and core competencies: we are happy to do what we are able do for you. If we can not fulfill the owners requirements, we will refrain.

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